Boring by Bicycle

Canberra has a few roads, one or two… maybe? That doesn’t even count the “off roads” either. Here are a few snaps from around the place that you wouldn’t get driving in your car with the music blaring and the climate control pumping.


This one is on the ride from UC to my house, “The Bush Capital” indeed.


Stopping for a mid ride snack on the Condor Creek bridge on an early autumn morning, the water level gets way deeper during winter, you can’t tell but the drop is about three metres.


My Cannondale upon Mount Pleasant in the ADFA base with the Brindabellas in the background. I didn’t realize until after I took this that a hot air balloon had snuck into the shot.


Hard not to notice these, hardly “pro” but nonetheless radical.


Romance and the bicycle go hand in hand. Note the matching shoes… Cute!


This guy was taller than he was fast, but said that it was his daily ride.


Horsin’ around on the way to Uni.


“Look mum no hands” this was one of those things that we were told “grown ups just don’t do”. Yeah right.


A winter morning with Nick out at Mulligan’s Flat Nature Reserve, not sure if anyone actually knows about this place, but the secret is out now. Perfect spot for grinding the gravel.


And finally atop the Arboretum, Nick took this one and said “I would not do that” as I climbed the sculpture in my bike shoes. I did live to tell the tale.

All of these shots were taken with my iPhone 4s and link through to Flickr.

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