Lonsdale Street Roasters

Lonsdale Street Roasters have two cafes in Braddon on the same street and for me and many others they’re a fun place to hang out, work and people watch. Here are a few snaps from the past week around the two stores.

Alex and I have worked together for around 4 years now between two different places. He’s mean muggin here but he’s the nicest guy around the rest of the time.

The light hits the shop pretty insanely for a few minutes every morning.

It’s a shame these two couldn’t focus but they show the magic light vibes anyway.

Rays pour through that window and into the shop, the light on the black wall is a reflection off the two shop windows.

#23 gets some nice sun too. This is Mel who works there.

Magnus’ cafe racer parked at #23.

Alistair’s STI Subaru Liberty is a beast. This one was taken out the back of #23.

All of these photos were taken with my Nikon ZOOM200 AF using Kodak Ultramax 400 and link through to Flickr.

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