After the devastation of the 2001 and 2003 bushfires, the National Arboretum was planned and planted, with it’s opening held earlier this year. For Mother’s Day we had a bbq breakfast by the lake and then headed to the Arboretum to see what the fuss was about. It was awesome.

The Entrance to the main building.

The view facing east.

The bonsai room was amazing.

It was packed full of people and light due to the open roof.

My mum catching a snap, maybe she can blog about it.

Backburning around Black Mountain made the whole day more exciting.

The view out of the amphitheater, I was down here because I had a rolly polly race with my sister down from the top. I won’t say who won, but it wasn’t her.

This building is for functions and weddings, the view across the lake and the city from the other side is pretty special.

Sadly not everyone could come in and enjoy the fun.

This was such an awesome autumn day and the National Arboretum is only going to get better as the trees develop. All of these shots were taken with my iPhone 4s and link through to Flickr.

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