A Long Strange Trip

It’s a long strange trip out to the University of Canberra, I’m working and studying there over winter so I’m there five days a week. While it’s only a 11 kilometer trip, I see a lot of stuff, here are few snaps from the past few weeks.

Paths through blocks in Braddon.

Hay what’s happening.

Building 1, the first one they built maybe?

The view from lunch.

Halfway there at the wetlands along the bike path.

The uni is always building something new.

Seeing this Kombi made my day, my grandparents used to have one just like it.

Taking it all in at the O’Connor Ridge, one of my favourite spots in Canberra.

The ride can be a bit of a pain but really I think it’s a blessing. All of these shots were taken with my Canon A-1 using Kodak Ultramax 400 and link through to Flickr.

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