Garage Sale Experiment

Sitting in Ben’s garage taking apart a 1986 Honda Civic and he realizes that he’s left his tools at his girlfriend’s. So I’m sitting there waiting for him to come back and my phone rings, It’s Ben and apparently there’s a garage sale down the road I need to come see. There’s all kinds of awesome stuff (because, obviously) from Drizabones to Cameras…. Cameras! I found this Minolta XD5 there and picked it up for $30 with flash AND lens, not a bad deal I thought, so long as it works.

Minolta XD5
The Specimen.

Minolta Light
I put a roll in and started carrying it with me.

Trees, clouds and concrete at uni.

9-5 command center.

A007949-R1-02-33ALocked up.

Mum, Dad and Finn.

Haig Park


Well it worked and the 28mm lens is more versatile than the 50mm I have on my Canon so it’s going to stick around. Except for the two instagram photos, all of these were taken using Kodak Ultramax 400 and link through to flickr.

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