Staying Warm in the Mountains

Swimming in July? Why would you even think of doing that, oh yeah because thermal springs are toasty, 27 degrees toasty in fact. As we drove through Cooma there were people sorting out our their ski hire, all I needed for my day was some boardies and a towel. Yarrangobilly has some of the warmest water you will find in July above 1000m, I won’t say it was boiling, but it did the trick.

Climbing down
The view from the descent.

Rugged up
A picnic on the horizon.

No one's home
No one’s home.


Cowabunga pt 2
And again!



Never leave home without it. I went into that river for about 0.002 seconds before I had to sprint back to the pools and really, I wouldn’t recommend it

The water is warmer here than it is at the coast… Stop freezing your butts off in the ocean and find some thermal pools! Except for the last two, all of these photos were taken with the Canon 550D and link through to flickr.

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