Still Hungry?

In the winter of 2011 (commonly known as the 7:30AM-at-roasters-glory-days) Jack (absent as far as 2013 is concerned), Simon (now too busy being a dad) and I were inspired by the available photo filters on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 to create a blog. Candid Hipster Camera, also known as CHC or James-must-be-bored-the-blog-is-busy was born and since that day we haven’t looked back (or forwards for the matter).

Notable lifelong fans of the blog have been Nagesh and Sabrina (Canberra’s most powerful Mauritian/Newtownian couple), Mick Carton (if you know you know) and Gabe (He drives a Merc and swims with Sony BMG music execs). Along with a few other followers CHC has gained relative blogfame (but actually no one knows about it or else why would I be writing this).

CHC is always open for submissions, have a photo? Get in touch.

So have a listen and learn what CHC is all about:



Chris Chivers.

White people rapping (probably).

Alex Orme.

Sexual Tension.




Drinking coffee.

ANU Octoberfest.



Hole in ones.

Winter, but we all know which is more conducive to a good time (and to Ginger Beer).

Dressing like Macklemore.

Ultimately having a good (read: drunk) time and blogging about it later when you remember you took photos.

Rumor has it that by Christmas time this year the long awaited “CHC Summer of 2011 Bicycle Antics Video Edit” will be finished, and that we might publish a photo book (dedicated to Sab) when we get to one thousand posts. All of these photos were taken with someone’s smartphone, probably while drunk on laughter or Cooper’s.

Check it out,

PS: I’m not sure if my mum knew about CHC, but she does now.

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