I Love Dirty Ditches

Sully’s creek and the greater stormwater drain network of the Inner North are a blast when it’s dry out. If you can dodge the sludge that perpetually inhabits the middle of the drain then you’re good to go. Nagesh, Ben and I spent a Saturday ridin’ round and gettin’ it.

Footpath Bandit
Footpath Burning. (where are his shoes?)

Drain Time

Drain Time

Drain Time
Wattle st.

Drain Time
Possible location for Troll sighting.

Drain Time
Northbourne Av.

Drain Time
Didn’t catch the question that provoked this.

Sky's the limit
Sky’s the limit.

Drain Time

Drain Time

Canon A-1 & Roche Runs
Canon & Sneakers. Gotta stay comfy doing all this hard work.

Drain Time

Drain Time
Avoid this at all costs.

Drain Time
Found a portrait of me, might just be able to call it art (although I’m no expert on the matter, so I can’t be sure).

Drain Time

Drain Time

Exhausted from clicking buttons on my camera, I called it a day once we reached Mt. Ainslie. We rode back into town, met up with some friends, drank a Coke each and headed our separate ways. Sure beats lazing around sipping skinny lattes!

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