Camel’s Hump

In visibly excited anticipation for the warmer days and longer hours that are quickly approaching, I instructed Nick to bring lunch for both of us and that I’d get him at 9AM sharp. I was driving, so it was only fair that he bring my lunch. After I managed to convince him that this was a good deal (or he gave in regardless of the quality of the deal) we were finally on the road.



Tinderry Ranges
Conversation topics included, but weren’t limited to:

      1. Grease,
      2. if you can skim stones on the ground instead of on water (you can’t),
      3. the pros and cons of Dunlop Volleys (there are only cons),
      4. carbon fibre bikes,
      5. getting lifts off your dad at age 22,
      6. how to make the best of an average situation (vegetarian food),
      7. ambiguous terms that, when used as an answer to a question leave you no closer to finding out what you were trying to,
      8. how many Ginger Beers is too many for one day.


Black Mountain Tower

Although we didn’t see anything really deadly, we did see one Echidna, one peculiar Grasshoper (peculiar in that Nick managed to catch it), a Platypus, and only one other person.

Nick & Light


The climbing was worth it, the views were great, we even caught the last of the winter snow in the ACT. In the end there were two sandwiches (each) and of course Ginger Beer. These photos were all shot with my Canon A-1 on Fujifilm Superia 400.

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