Father & Son

When I told Dad that we should go for a walk along the tide pools I thought it was weird that he was wearing jeans and not shorts. But as they say, respect your elders, so I let him be. Well really I asked him why he wasn’t wearing shorts at least 3 times but gave up after that.

Cut to the first creek crossing, Dad ditched the shoes, rolled up his jeans and made it across bone dry. At this point he is somewhere in between relieved and smug about the whole thing, but the tide would soon turn against him.

No really, the tide did turn and after we had walked along the rocks for an hour or so, we turned back. We returned to the creek and there was a lot more water than the last time we were here. Now sure my dad could just take his jeans off and wade across, but there were some families around and he’s a decent guy. Trouble.

So a few moments later I am pulling a canoe across a creek, the contents of which are in no particular order, a 4 year old boy I just met, a 5 year old boy I just met, a few sandcastle building tools and finally my dad (with pants firmly on). I asked the kids if they would let me pull my Dad across the creek in their canoe because he was stranded with his pants up. Their mum and dad got a good laugh out of the whole thing, and the kids even offered to pull us both across themselves, but I couldn’t accept the offer (for fear of being dunked in a creek by a some toddlers) and I took the reigns myself.

I didn’t have my camera for this one, but these are just few moments that I did capture on the trip. If you missed the first lot, here they are. Do your dad a favor and take him camping, remember that odds are, he used to do the same for you!

2 thoughts on “Father & Son

  1. Bruce November 11, 2013 / 12:10 PM

    That’s hilarious!

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