The Loneliest Man In The World

Sitting on top of Mt Coree with some friends just enjoying the view I got the urge to go for a walk around, sitting is boring and impatient is as impatient does.


LMITW_4As I began to take some photos I very unfortunately found myself in the middle of maybe the biggest ant march that I have ever come across. A few swear words and a lot of swiping the little buggers off my shoes and ankles later, I got back to enjoying the view.

LMITW_5I won’t name names, but someone forgot to bring the Ginger Beers and they were, of course, sorely missed. After a while we started back down the mountain and before you could say “there’s still ants in my flipping shoes” we were within the city limits.

Hey Hugh, bring snacks next time or you might get left behind on the way home!

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