More Motors

More MotorsAll four corners of the compass here on this one, the humble VW Kombi with a bullbar for those days on the highway when Kangaroos really feel like causing trouble. Great if you have about 6 kids, or like camping down the coast with room for a few surfboards. These 80s Kombis aren’t as cool as the earlier versions but they get points in my book anyway, the 4×4 version is a dream car for me.

More Motors
Or a banged up Kingswood ute, almost out of place cruising through civic on a long weekend, this thing needs to be on a farm with a bunch of hay bales in the back, not to mention a sheepdog.

More Motors
The Sunday driver, the Porsche 911. This car needs no introduction because it is, and always will be the coolest car on earth.

Oh and because I’m not posting photos that I didn’t take in Canberra here any more, there’s a few more… Here!

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