Down Under

Yarrangobilly CavesSo the blog is back, and the whole Canberra thing is out, back to your regular scheduled worldwide programming… It’s been a while.

Yarrangobilly Caves
Yarrangobilly CavesUnlike the last time I was here it was a ripper day for a swim at the Yarrangobilly thermal pools, sun was shining, shirts were off and ginger beers were drunk. I even swam in the river this time, snowmelt somewhere in the single digit Celsius numbers… It was a good 4 seconds.

Yarrangobilly Caves
Yarrangobilly CavesAfter that we hit the caves, and it was insane. If  claustrophobia gets the better of you, I wouldn’t recommend it. A good day trip from the Berra, and the only thing that went wrong was the car blowing up 150km from Cooma, with no mobile reception… That story unfolds just like you thought it might.

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