AppetiteRummaging through the shed in my parent’s backyard looking for a gas bottle I thought we owned, I had to accept that no matter how many times I looked, it just wasn’t there. Similar to the fridge paradox in which you think something new might appear next time you open the doors, there comes a point when we accept our fate.

Fate as it would have it, sent me to a camping store in Batemans Bay, to fill my brand spanking new egg yolk orange gas bottle. Of course I needed this bottle to power an infamous Coleman green camp stove, a weekend’s worth of bacon, eggs, pancakes and steak (paddock to plate certified organic of course) weren’t happening without this gas.

In the same way that all good games of cricket involve batting and bowling and Victoria Bitter, camp nutrition too has more than one dimension. Fruit and vegetables that you bought off a guy in a van by a petrol station with hand painted signs… And bourbon, are all necessary to make the tent world keep spinning.

One thought on “Appetite

  1. mediodiablo November 12, 2014 / 12:42 PM

    The “fridge paradox”? Haha, it happens to me all the time, even though I am the only one who puts stuff in it.

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