OutIs there more to life than food?

After sorting out the the fuel for the fire, this trip was prime to burn. Phylli and I headed down to a free public camp site by the coast. Let that one sink in, would be a shame if you didn’t know where it was…

Of course there are the usual camp blunders like excessive thunderstorms & forgetting to bring a mattress for your little sister… But we made the most of it. Pigeon House Mountain  is an awesome day trip, provided you have the nerve to disregard the “road closed” sign (which it turns out, 25 other cars had also decided was the right move). The views from the top lead inland over the Budawangs NP, and out to the coast on a clear day. If you are opposed to steps, ladders, and more steps however, it’s probably not for you.

OutThen like any trip to the coast of course, you have to spend countless hours avoiding slippery rocks, popping washed up blue bottles, and wondering why the water is so damn cold, even though you could have sworn it was warmer the day before.

OutUntil it rains, and by rains I mean storms, violently.


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