Mountain Time

000060With my sister in town for a while last summer, I made plans to get a new perspective on an old friend.



000050Off on our own with a backpack stocked with fruit & coffee we headed to a place I’ve been to before, but Phylli hadn’t. Sharing a spot with someone is always a blast, especially on a walk, hike or ride. If you’re like me and love knowing a little bit more about something than your friends, taking the opportunity to say “yeah yeah, just around the corner… I promise” when you’re not even close is always worth the exasperated look of betrayal, but more importantly joy, when you finally get to where you’re going.




But jokes aside & mountains ahead, there’s a lot to be said about sharing someone else’s view, how they see that lookout, how the trees are moving, or what they take away from a rocky outcrop that you may have missed. Picking up on the differences between perspectives is half of what makes the second, third, and every other go at something fun.




My sister and I both have our heads in the clouds most of the time, but when it comes to hiking, I often catch myself staring at my feet, rather than up ahead. Enjoying our time we both pointed out the oddities that make Namadgi a beautiful place. Climbing over boulders & soaking up the air, my sister made sure to let me walk first most of the time. While the view from 2nd in line is like sitting behind someone with an afro at the cinemas, at least she didn’t eat enough spider webs for dinner…




Square Rock is an hour’s drive from town, and an hour or so of a walk up to the lookout. But as always, there’s more to be seen when you’re not in a rush. There’s ample space, fresh air & perspective from the very first step to the last. Taking the time to enjoy a rare cooler day in early summer, we lost track of time and made the most of a day spent away from the city.




So if you want a new perspective on an old friend, take your sister, your brother, your dog, or whoever out to somewhere you’ve already been, and let them do the talking.

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