Out With A Bang

It’s the last day of the year and I can’t thank anyone who turns up here enough. Having people read, share or comment on KCB is awesome. Here’s a look back at a few favourite moments from the first year of keeping it boring, in no particular order.

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Instagram has been a lot of fun since I got it about a year ago, I’d wanted it for ages but before this phone I had a Nokia that couldn’t use Instagram. I take a lot of photos of the stuff I get up to, I remember trying to figure out which filter was the most apt for each photo but I’m kinda over that now. Most of my posts are centric around bikes, coffee, travel etc but every now and then a #selfie will slip through… Also it’s a lot of fun contributing to some of my favourite hashtags like #carsidbeinto, #adventuremobile, #campvibes, #baaw (bikes against a wall), and #vanlife.





Male Modellin’



Explorin’ – this one’s actually of me, I think Pippi took this one.

The occasional pet photo slips in.

But posting too many of them is a faux pas!

Most importantly is the #summerofgingerbeer that Nick started a while back. A lot of friends jumped on board with this one and it was fun to see the way that these little jokes grow and spread.

You can now view most of Instagram online at Instagram even if you don’t have your phone around. If you’re not already, follow me and take some wild photos of ginger beer in weird places, don’t just post photos of you and your mates drinking!

Inspiration & Motivation

Why bother starting a website when there are already a few billion out there, including some really good ones? A few favorite blogs, and some other really unique ones have inspired me to start my own.

So in no particular order we have:

John Watson, of Prolly Is Not Probably.John Watson by Christopher Lee

John runs PiNP all on his own from Austin, Texas and does a good job of it. The dude spends more time on his bicycles than some professionals and always has a camera by his side. I had the pleasure of meeting John in Sydney, Australia.

Foster Huntington, of A Restless Transplant.Foster Huntington's Volkswagen Syncro

While I have never met Foster his blog is inspirational. This guy quit his design job in NYC to live his life in a Volkswagen on the West Coast of America. Foster also runs a website called #vanlife.

Nagesh Seethiah, of MOUCHE/FLYNagesh Seethiah by Rob Pak

Nagesh is one of those rare people who is always stoked on everything and never puts himself before anyone else. Dude has been taking photos since before I met him and I have always enjoyed his work. This guy even offered to lend me his camera “whenever you want man”.

Andy White, of Fyxomatosis.Andy White by Missus White

Another Australian, this guy does it all. Andy is someone that  I have gone close to meeting a few times but somehow I have never pulled it off.  Andy’s love for photography, culture and vintage bicycles all come together to form one of of this nation’s greatest exports, FYXOMATOSIS, since forever.