Father & Son

When I told Dad that we should go for a walk along the tide pools I thought it was weird that he was wearing jeans and not shorts. But as they say, respect your elders, so I let him be. Well really I asked him why he wasn’t wearing shorts at least 3 times but gave up after that.

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Typology Tuesdays

The town of Katoomba, the heart of the Greater City of Blue Mountains, is a breeding ground for eccentric characters, poets, artists, environmentalists and numerous others of the same general vein. Suffice to say the mix of relaxed hippie vibes, historic houses and new found wealth from Sydney weekenders leads for some interesting streets.

The following is a brief typology of Katoomba houses.
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Roughly every five years my mum’s family, the Thomson clan, has a huge reunion with long lost cousins from across Australia and this week we’re headed down to Geelong to see what the hubbub is all about. Next week I’ll be in Melbourne seeing my brothers and then camping near Eden with my dad, so expect some radio silence.

Here’s a photo of Nick being stoked on an eagle visiting us at lunch the other day to get you through. Back soon!