Camel’s Hump

In visibly excited anticipation for the warmer days and longer hours that are quickly approaching, I instructed Nick to bring lunch for both of us and that I’d get him at 9AM sharp. I was driving, so it was only fair that he bring my lunch. After I managed to convince him that this was a good deal (or he gave in regardless of the quality of the deal) we were finally on the road.


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It Doesn’t Have to be Fun to be Fun

4:14 AM and my phone buzzed, “If the weather is shit when you get there don’t risk it!”
…Thanks to M for the love and support but they say fortune favours the brave.

First photo of the trip, I’d picked J, J and T up, and hit the road before this was taken.

Even at 9:30 AM when the woman at Merimbula National Parks and Wildlife Office told me that they weren’t even going to bother opening any roads for the next 48 hours because there was so much rainfall predicted, we went for it anyway. We found a road that wasn’t closed, planned a different route and got cracking, thinking that in four days there would have to be at least a few minutes of sunshine. We were kinda right.

Beach caves.

J the action model.

“Is this edible?”

Tradition, throw wood off a cliff whenever you’re at the coast, we’ve done this since we first got our own cars and started coming down here.

Fresh meet Salty, Salty meet Fresh.

Nadgee is one of my favourite places to go and just disconnect for a few days, catching fish and hanging out by the campfire are just bonuses. Jack took photos when I wasn’t bothered, or wanted to be in one.

The view.

The swell was running through the river mouth, normally you can wade through here and you won’t get your knees wet. I’ve never seen it like this.

Nature is your bathroom.

Normally the water’s edge is at the sand here, it was all submerged this time.

J the Fire Lord, he’s always in charge of the blaze.

The swell was also the biggest I’d ever seen it here, the waves were spraying everywhere as they smashed against the cliffs.

J and I looking for a bite to eat.

The Heavens!

“I’ve never been to Nadgee and not caught a fish.”

Straight to the kitchen with his spoils.

Prep, sometimes when we come here we catch too many fish to bother with and just let them free, this time there was a single flathead.

J drying off, those UC socks have been everywhere.

On the third day we just gave in and came home early, probably because these were waiting for us back at the car.

Thankful that it wasn’t hell, but just high water, we had all had a good trip. Eating as much as possible and loving every second that we had no phone reception. All of these photos were taken with the Canon 550D and link through to flickr.


Nick wrote an awesome article and posted some rad photos about Canberra on the website for the Biodiversity Conservation course that he is doing at ANU.

Photo: Nick Wilson
Nick’s Trusty Steed.

Nick is with me on pretty much every adventure, and he really knows what he’s doing, if it wasn’t for Nick a lot of the walks and trips I dream of doing probably wouldn’t eventuate. And if they did, the meals wouldn’t be as good as they might otherwise (dude can seriously cook).

Nick on our trip to Tasmania.

Students were asked to document a part of their journey through the unit and I think Nick sums it up best with this: “I encourage all of you to go on an adventure and explore some of the beautiful and diverse landscapes around where you live, whether it be in Canberra or another town or city. And importantly, spread the word, take friends and family along, and challenge yourself to explore everything there is on offer”.

Read the rest… Here!