On The Move

The last few months of the year always the fastest. Once the monotony of winter ends and the and the spark of spring turns up, everyone is excited to go out and get some. Uni is ramping up, the days are getting longer, summer sports are begging and everyone is looking for reasons to make up for missed time spent indoors. I can’t say it’s any different for me, here are a few shots from the last week.
Night Drives
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Roughly every five years my mum’s family, the Thomson clan, has a huge reunion with long lost cousins from across Australia and this week we’re headed down to Geelong to see what the hubbub is all about. Next week I’ll be in Melbourne seeing my brothers and then camping near Eden with my dad, so expect some radio silence.

Here’s a photo of Nick being stoked on an eagle visiting us at lunch the other day to get you through. Back soon!

Camel’s Hump

In visibly excited anticipation for the warmer days and longer hours that are quickly approaching, I instructed Nick to bring lunch for both of us and that I’d get him at 9AM sharp. I was driving, so it was only fair that he bring my lunch. After I managed to convince him that this was a good deal (or he gave in regardless of the quality of the deal) we were finally on the road.


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