Braddon Autos

Saw some excellent cars in Braddon this week, a few familiar ones and a few new faces.

De Tomaso Pantera GTS.

Alfa Romeo 2000, this one had a half roll cage and no rear seats. Business only.

A bright yellow Willy’s Jeep.

“Classic Not Plastic” Volkswagen Beetle S.

Benny’s new Ford F Series.

Aston Martin DBS, few hundred grand sitting on Lonsdale Street.

I’d have the Aston. All of these photos were taken with my iPhone 4s, and link through to Flickr.

4×4 Volkswagen Kombi

I see this Volkswagen Kombi all the time around Dickson and it absolutely rules. Not sure what the year is but its a Type 3 Kombi, the “Syncro” four wheel drive model from the eighties.


I finally got some photos of her sitting still in the golden hour and sent this photo over to Van Life and it’s on the front page as I post this… Stoked!


I’m pretty sure that the person who owns it either loves gambling or the two-for-one schnitzel deal at The Tradies because this car is always there on Tuesdays.

This car is about as #vanlife as it gets and makes me green with envy every time I see it, both photos taken with my iPhone 4s and jump through to Flickr.